the Singapore project

It’s time for a change.   It’s time for the complaints to stop.   It’s time for us to close our eyes, open our minds and embrace Singapore for all that it has to offer.   Since moving to Singapore just more than a year ago now it seems like the same old conversations everyday… the weather, the taxis, the cost…   I’m deciding today to start a new conversation.   What is the topic?   Singapore.   It’s architecture, traditions, neighborhoods, attractions, events.   I’m stepping out to find the beauty in Singapore and lay it out for all to see.   Please invite your friends, family, and followers to celebrate Singapore!

Here is my plan of attack.   I’ll pick out various Singapore destinations from articles I seetourists sites, places I drive by, Facebook posts, and recommendations.   I’ll take a day or two off each week from my job as a Singapore family photographer and focus my photography on the city.   From the people to the details in the buildings, I’ll see what my creative eye can find to make interesting photographic art from the city.    Please feel free to leave comments with recommendations!

Singapore family photographer, thesingaporeproject

T hanks and welcome to the Singapore project!

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